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        Hello Otobo Team and Community,

        is it possible to hide dynamic fields at specific queues?

        With ACLs we only can hide/permit specific fields of dynamic fields.

        I was thinking about that OTRS plugin: But this is not working in Otobo. The sysconfig entries are missing after installation. Maybe you can help with modifieng the plugin for otobo.


        System in use: Latest Otobo Version with Apache2 installation

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        Renée Bäcker

          I can port that addon for OTOBO till next weekend.

          • #16249
            Mathias Bøhm

              Hi Renée,

              Did you ever port the addon to OTOBO? We could really use it!

          • #11923
            Renée Bäcker

              You can remove the fields via ACLs:


              • #11972

                  Hi Renée,

                  as i wrote, with acl i can only hide specific fields but i want to hide the complete dynamic field.

                  “I can port that addon for OTOBO till next weekend.” -> that would be awesome :)

                • #11991
                  Renée Bäcker

                    If you select “Form” in the PossibleNot section, the complete field is hidden (**not** only values from the dropdown). It has the same effect as my addon.

                • #11927
                  Giordano Torre


                    I have read your post and in particular this “With ACLs we only can hide/permit specific fields of dynamic fields.”.

                    I’d like disable a specific queue/s for a specific customer user or all.

                    I’m trying with ACL but I don’t undstand good variables etc.

                    For example I have thought this solution but doesn’t work fine.

                    Thank for your support

                  • #16251
                    Stefan Abel


                      you’re missing something below “CustomerUser”. The rest looks fine (the PossibleNot part).
                      You could use this documentation for further ideas.
                      Depending on what exactly what you’d like to do, this could be something for your Filter part:

                      Properties > CustomerUser > UserLogin > Exact Match: (The login name of the customer you dont’ want the queue to be visible for)

                      Like this:

                      In case you want to hide it for all user, you could either use Properties > CustomerUser > UserLogin > RegExp: .
                      (just a dot) as a filter.
                      Or you could think about CustomerGroupSupport

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