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      Jan Stoffregen

        Dear Otobo Team,
        I have set up Otobo with Docker, chosen the https version, which is not working yet, but over the private IP I can log in. Since it did not work, I skipped the email registering on the installer gui, but afterwards under admin –> System configuration in the GUI I get the message “Secure Mode Needs to be Enabled!”. When I click on “If secure mode is not activated, activate it via SysConfig because your application is already running.”, I get to a the route


        which displays “This group doesn’t contain any settings. Please try navigating to one of its sub groups or another group.”

        Some support here would be much appreciated, thank you very much in advance! I just would like to enable sending and receiving emails for now, I could also do this over bash if this is easier.

        Thank you very much and best regards,

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        Renée Bäcker

          You could open the SystemCofiguration start page and search for “SecureMode”

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