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        Hi everyone !

        Today I installed Oauth2 plugin by Otobo repository using Package Manger.

        The system is a Centos Stream 8, Otobo version 10.0.16, installed about 18 months ago without problem, and all “checkmodules –all” are installed and OK, except Postgres and Oracle, which I don’t use.

        I use a local MariaDB.

        After installing Oauth2, working in Postmaster Mail Accounts, I got a “500 Internal server Error” even before configuring an Oauth based account.

        System Event Log shows this message after every “500 error”:

        [Kernel::System::DB::_TypeCheck][2025] Unknown data type ‘TEXT’!

        What should I fix ? Is it a “database only” issue, or anything else ?

        Thank you



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          I found the solution at last. Here are the news:

          1. the error Unknown data type ‚TEXT‘! is always present at OAUTH2 package installation and first usages, but OTOBO it works correctly (in fact, the table in MariaDB/MySql is created correctly, and the column TOKEN has type TEXT). SO: Why is this not-error shown? It doesn’t appear in further operations.
          2. the error Unknown data type ‚TEXT‘! is not related to a specific version of OTOBO: I found it both in version 10.0.16 and 10.1.5 .
          3. the REAL problem was the “Error 500: Internal Server Error” by Apache-Httpd. This had no details even in apache event log. The cause was the .htaccess file !  (/var/www/html/.htaccess)

          [ My .htaccess simply redirects from “/” to “myipaddress/otobo/” ]

          The solution is:

          • rename .htaccess to something else;
          • restart apache/httpd;
          • configure oauth2 in otobo;
          • rename back .htaccess to its original name.

          So: why is this simple redirection breaking Apache ?

          Waiting for an explanation to this solution.




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