25 September 2022

Deprecation of Basic Auth in Exchange Online

Fetching emails with POP/IMAP and Office 365? – That's changed

OAuth2 to replace Basic Auth

Microsoft provides OAuth 2.0 support for POP, IMAP and SMTP AUTH since 2020.
From October 1, 2022, according to Microsoft, Basic authentication for Outlook, EWS, RPS, POP, IMAP, and EAS protocols in Exchange Online will be deactivated.

Users, runnig OTOBO or ((OTRS)) Community Edition and Microsoft 365 or Exchange Online, who are fetching their mails via POP3 or IMAP, need to take action now.

Without taking precautions, they won't be able to fetch emails any more as soon as Basic Auth has been disabled.

OTOBO: Fetching emails with mit OAuth2

For OTOBO, we have released MailAccount-OAuth2 some time ago. This add-on facilitates fetching emails via POP3 and IMAP using OAuth 2.0

You'll find the add-on in your OTOBO Package Manager at Admin > Package Manager in the OTOBO Addons directory.

The feature will be incorporated in OTOBO 11, so that from then on no separate installation will be needed any more.

A technically detailed guide to implementing OAuth2 for your OTOBO can be found in the Admin Manual.

OAuth 2 for ((OTRS)) Community Edition

We also developed add-ons for OTRS 5 and 6.

Users in our support community are provided with the package free of charge as usual.
Just get in touch on one of our support channels

In case you need the add-on for a older OTRS version or another fork – and have no service contract with us - please send a short email to hallo@otobo.de.

In this case, we'll take the liberty of charging a small fee.