OTOBO Release Notes

OTOBO 10.0.15 – Patch Level Release

22 December 2021

That's new:

  • Update to Elasticsearch 7.16.2 / log4j 2.17.0
    Update to Elasticsearch 7.16.2. After last weeks preliminary update (Elasticsearch 7.16.1/ OTOBO 10.0.14) which explicitely disabled the log4j features used in the recent security incidents, this one now updates log4j to 2.17.0, which has the issues fixed.
    Although according to Elasticsearch our setup never was affected, this should appease the scanners looking for vulnerable versions of log4j.
    (Read more about Log4J and OTOBO | Read more about Elasticsearch and Log4J)
  • Fix a regression in the OTRS to OTOBO migration which we introduced with the release of 10.0.14.

If you want to be on the safe side about the Log4j Zero Day Exploit, please update your system or get in touch with us to schedule your update.