OTOBO Release Notes

OTOBO 10.1.3 – a security patch

28 April 2022


Criticality: High

  • Fixed an XSS vulnerability in package manager GUI (CVE-2022-0475).

Criticality: Medium

Also new:

  • Update to Elasticsearch 7.17.3
  • Adapting S/MIME functionality to newer OpenSSL versions
  • Update of JavaScript libraries
  • Enhanced CustomerTicketCategories
    Added Type, Service and State to TicketZoom and TicketList, added an option to maintain translations in the frontend, templates and links.
  • Support for CustomerIDRaw in GenericInterface TicketSearch

Please update as soon as possible.

Details about the admin vulnerability and how we deal with it in OTOBO:

In OTRS6 and legacy OTOBO versions there was no rigid separation of OTOBO Admin permissions and rights on the server. Some features explicitly granted access to the server providing the permissions of the executing program (e.g. apache2).

On the vast majority of systems this won't be a serious issue as very often OTOBO Admins have access to the server anyway. However, there will be systems, where the OTOBO Admin should not have such permissions.

In general, a separation of permissions is advisable anyway in order to prevent an attacker impersonating the OTOBO Admin to abuse the server too.

Thus, we decided to treat the specific features as Security Issues, and only provide them with an explicit "opt-in" of the system administrator within the Config.pm in the future.

In order to activate them, copy the following options from Kernel/Config/Defaults.pm to Kernel/Config.pm and activate them:

  • Ticket::GenericAgentAllowCustomScriptExecution
  • DashboardBackend::AllowCmdOutput

Changes to SysConfig options


With this patch level release, several Javasript libraries have been updated.
They are defined in the SysConfig options "Loader::Agent::CommonJS###000-Framework" and "Loader::Customer::CommonJS###000-Framework".

In case you changed these options manually in the SysConfig (which we do NOT recommend), it will not be possible to automatically update them.

In this case, please note down your changes, reset your settings, run the update and manually adapt the option again, if needed.


With OTOBO 10.1.2 we introduced the possibility to define State and Service in CustomerTicketCategories.

So far, translation of those elements was hardcoded. We changed this and implemented a general configuration functionality.

In case you are using one of the categories and need individual translations, please expand the relevant SysConfig option (e.g. "Ticket::Frontend::CustomerTicketCategories###State") with the following attribute: "Translate"->"1".