OTOBO Release Notes

OTOBO 11 Beta

15 March 2024

OTOBO 11 and the soon to follow CMDB 11 lay the foundation for a closer integration between asset management and ticketing – thus creating optimal conditions for outstanding service


New Dynamic Fields bring extra power

Various new dynamic fields and field functions facilitate a significant boost in productivity:

  • Using the new script fields, OTOBO 11 can check conditions using logical operators or calculate arbitrary values.
    For example to check orders against budget targets or determine the warranty status of products. You can display the result in the ticket, trigger subsequent processes, or modify field visibility.
  • DynamicFieldSet speeds up configuring complex forms: Combine several dynamic fields into one set and use them in different places as a fixed element in the same constellation, e.g. the combination of first name, surname and address.
  • MultiValue allows to add and remove dynamic fields or field sets via ⊕ | ⊖ dynamically at runtime, e.g. to enter an individual number of articles with their quantity and price.
  • References provide the ability to directly link to OTOBO objects like Agent, Customer(User), Ticket, CI, and CI Version through dynamic fields, facilitiating for example direct access to the CMDB from customer management and vice versa.
  • In combination with lens fields, you can even refer to attributes within referenced CIs, meaning you can customise the hard drive of a computer linked to your ticket in the CMDB directly from a procurement process.
  • With the new dynamic field General Catalog, you can now manage lists centrally and use them in parallel in different forms. The Richtext field allows the formatting of descriptive texts and attachments can be added via the dynamic field Attachment.
  • Filter functions, namespaces and a YAML editor for configuring ticket masks make administration easier and offer additional flexibility.


Smart ticket masks – flexible customisation, high performance

In OTOBO 11, ticket masks are even more flexible than before

  • Dynamic fields can now be displayed in multiple masks in a different order and with individual labels.
  • Multiple columns: Dynamic fields can be arranged in a grid with any number of columns.
  • MultiValue: Add and remove dynamic fields and sets at runtime using ⊕ | ⊖.
  • Read-only: Display fields in certain masks with a preselected value, e.g. to present information from previous process steps as a reference without providing the possibility to change them.
  • All new TicketMask functionalities are also available in process tickets.


Easily maintain translations via the admin interface

OTOBO 11 makes the maintenance of multilingual systems much more convenient:

  • Individual translations are now maintained directly via the admin interface instead of in hidden system files.
  • Practical filter and display options allow to search specifically for untranslated elements in the system.
  • ImportExport: Terms can either be translated directly in the interface or exported to an Excel list and imported again in translated form.


More new features coming with OTOBO 11 Beta

  • Finally: cleaned-up tickets and still audit-proof. OTOBO 11 brings the option to edit and delete internal articles. This means that tickets remain clearly organised and are always up to date. The individual editing steps remain traceable in versions within the ticket.
  • State of the art: OTOBO 11 Beta is equipped with CKEditor 5.
  • Practical: Extend or shorten ticket waiting times by preconfigurable periods – e.g. by 1 week – using the new individually configurable Quick Time buttons.
  • Versatile: Customer Info Tile – A rich text tile for the customer interface that can be customised and filled via the admin interface. Provides the option to maintain and display notifications from different organisational units in parallel, and can be supplemented by a ticker tape for particularly urgent notifications that is displayed throughout the customer area if required.
  • More intuitive workflows: Accept/reject buttons within the process and direct confirmation of process steps without any diversion by pop-ups. Plus: The hide-show functionality enabling the dynamical display and hiding of fields at runtime is now also available in processes.
  • Keep track: Manually mark tickets and articles in tickets as read / unread.
  • Increase efficiency: mandatory time recording can be overridden for certain actions (this means: no more creating blank notes to record time units).
  • Thinking about the next step: Templates now offer the option to directly predefine the next ticket status.
  • Service portal: Ticket information can now always be displayed via SysConfig. Preparations for displaying CMDB information in the customer area (coming with CMDB 11).
  • Cleaner admin interface: Invalid elements are now hidden by default (user-based individualisation of the setting via checkbox possible).
  • LightAdmin functionality: Make specific elements of the admin area accessible to other user groups, too – e.g. to enable teams to maintain their own salutations, signatures and templates.
  • Kerberos authentication for web services
  • Preparations for closer integration with CMDB 11
  • Definition of article-based statistics

Change Log

Many thanks to the community and to everyone who contributed to the creation of this new version! Now is the time for testing so that we can publish the stable release soon.