Smart Rocket.Chat-Integration – Secure Communication between Teams and their Customers

Create new group chats directly from your tickets or use existing Rocket.Chat channels to communicate quickly and securely with colleagues and customers.


  • Omnichannel Collaboration and seamless interaction with your customers
  • A central platform for team-internal and company-wide communication
  • Shortened decision-making processes save valuable time on coordination
  • Retain full control over your data – thanks to the on-premise operation of both systems, your communication remains secure.

Ready for action with just a few clicks.

Once set up via web service (REST API), Rocket.Chat is available to all authorized users in the menu bar above the ticket view.

In OTOBO and Rocket.Chat, you can search for users alternatively by username or email address. Therefore, it is ideal to manage users in a central directory or directory service, such as Active Directory, LDAP, or CAS.

Create new Rocket.Chat channels directly within the ticket.

  • As the OTOBO ticket owner, you can create a Rocket.Chat channel directly within the ticket using a pre-defined naming scheme. The chat is visible only to authorized users.
  • The Rocket.Chat accounts of the ticket owner, all agents involved in the ticket, and customers are automatically added to the chat.
  • The email headers of any emails within the ticket can be examined for additional recipients, and their Rocket.Chat accounts can be added. The prerequisite for this is searching for Rocket.Chat accounts via the email address.
  • The ticket owner receives permission to edit, delete, and archive the chat.
  • The splash screen of the Rocket.Chat channel contains the link to the ticket and the title of the ticket.

Use existing Rocket.Chat channels.

  • Existing Rocket.Chat channels for the current ticket will be displayed to all OTOBO users including the link to the existing Rocket.Chat channel.
  • The prerequisite is that the OTOBO user has been added to the channel automatically through the integration or manually at a later stage. The chats are created as private groups, and access is regulated accordingly by Rocket.Chat.


This OTOBO add-on is provided for the Community by Augsburg University.
Big thanks!

You can easily install the OTOBO add-on UniAugsburg-OtoboRocketchat via the package management of your OTOBO system – look for it in the ThirdParty Addon section – or download it here. A documentation is included.